We’ll study your needs and requirements and will create a method to approach your work that’s more efficient and cost effective. From solo freelancers to big teams spread around the world. Make the best of the technologies available, from local to shared storage and cloud.


We can help you plan and execute 4K, 6K, 8K productions and beyond on Shared Storage, hybrid storage solutions, take advantage of Cloud’s dropping prices and store your media in the cloud, ready to be edited any time. We’ll plan and deploy your Video Network.


Working on LANs with video can be complicated. We can help you know the advantages and disadvantages of each recording method in a shared environment such as RED Raw, Canon Raw, Blackmagic Raw, ProRes Raw, ProRes, H.264, HEVC and other older formats.


Leverage distance and timezones, make them work in your favor. We have experience enabling a team in multiple countries in several different timezones in order to provide a 24h video production and post service.


There’s a part of the video live cycle that many productions underestimate and sometime don’t give the proper amount of attention. We are here to help you plan for quality and efficiency, help with on set best practices and collaborative workflows.

A few things we’re great at

We work with many companies and individuals on a variety of projects from micro-budget all the way to hollywood size productions.


We understand your need to deliver amazing work to your clients and we’ll help you and your company to make your business a lot more cost and time efficient by using modern workflows and technologies.


We employ extremely creative graphic designers and animators for a wide variety of projects, from print to online advertisement and feature films.


With a team around the globe and experience in corporate, advertisement, film and documentaries, we are able to provide you high quality video production at many different price points.


Since we use top of the line bleeding edge technology, we are able to work with any professional in the post sector anywhere in the world and we are able to offer a strategy that allows us to work on a project 24h a day if necessary by using the latest techniques in collaboration.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Felipe is a reference for our professional needs and he has a great knowledge of their job. Specially his support has been very important in many of the workflow decisions of our project: original unscripted for Amazon Studios. This project is really sensitive because it is the first unscripted in Spain and we managed to convince Amazon to do so with a workflow based on FCPX (their first time all over the world, in fact). Felipe was always aware of our needs and we had support in the workflow design phases and with integration between Kyno & FCPX.

Apart from this project, he is now helping us with future projects on other platforms and in 8k formats. Personally working with him is very pleasant for his sympathy, skills, commitment, flexibility and energy.

Arantxa Galán

Post coordinator in Cuerdos de Atar & CEO of Amyga

It’s been a pleasure to have Felipe as a consultant. He answered all our questions, and he was always willing to look for the ones he didn’t have the answer. He is always with a magnificent problem-solving attitude. Our favourite workflow is Final Cut Pro X, mainly editing documentary films, and having the possibility to have Felipe immediately in a call, conference or private message really saved time and money more than once. He is professional, communicates clearly, and really very fast.
Also, as he is continuously mastering his technical skills, he always gives innovative proposals, so as to improve our workflow.

Yamila Fernández Colman

CEO of Amyga

Felipe is a rare find: not only has he mastered the technical tools of his trade, he is also a content expert in IT, networking and emerging technologies. His experience at Accenture shone through in the videos he produced for us at our executive summit in Prague. He brought all the right gear and has agile solutions to covering a conference that made our experience working with him seamless. Felipe is professional, communicates clearly, offers competitive rates and works fast. A versatile producer for any business gathering. We look forward to collaborating with him in the future.

Daniel T. Allen

Supervising Producer – Business Insider

I worked directly with Felipe on several projects and I can honestly say he is one of the most skilled people I’ve ever worked with. He has a genuine talent for creativity, execution and a flair for managing projects, people and stakeholders at all levels. Other than great creativity he has an innovative approach to ideas and a brilliant problem-solving attitude. Felipe is a brilliant self-starter, he often created and owned projects from start to finish. I cannot recommend Felipe enough.

Joe Lesina

CMO – Danske Bank

Felipe and his team were responsible for our Livingstone Greentec video creation. The entire engagement process from the first contact through the planning, production and post-production was at the highest level of professionalism and dedication. Felipe understood exactly what our project is about and what story we’d like to tell. He was extremely forthcoming to fit all our demands into a very tight shooting schedule across three different countries. We have very much appreciated his uncompromising leadership when it comes to visual and sound quality to deliver a fantastic video – on time and within the budget. We’re looking forward to our next projects in the near future!

Ilona Kaiserová

Assistant Relationship Manager – Banque Internationale à Luxembourg

Felipe has always been a pleasure to work with in my role in marketing. He has a fantastic combination of creativity and execution, coming up with new ideas and bringing them to life through dynamic videography and great post-production editing. He is professional, fun to work with and demonstrates real ambition and drive to delight his clients with the work he creates. It’s a genuine pleasure working with Felipe.

Heather McCormick

Google Cloud EMEA Marketing Manager

Our Team

Get to know a few of our team members!Get to know a few of our team members!

Anna Philippova

Graphic Designer

Graduated from Teesside University (Prague College) in 2017 and earned BA in Graphic Design and MA in Future Design. Over the past 4 years Anna has  worked as a graphic designer and illustrator at McCann and Bistro agency (Isobar).
Anna worked with clients such as Vodafone, Nokian Tires, Mastercard, Coca-Cola, ŠKODA. As a freelancer I’ve created illustrations for ŠKODA, Vishy, IQOS. Her work is also used in animation projects.

Felipe Baez

Owner | Founder | Consultant | Editor

Felipe has a background in IT and video production and post. Having worked in many projects alongside Fortune 100 companies, 10+ years in international teams located in multiple cities around the world.

Felipe worked in Brazil, Czech Republic and Ireland in leadership roles for Accenture and McKinsey & Company. 

Felipe has worked with world famous celebrities and executives such as Richard Quest (CNN) and all the Accenture C-suite.

Cristina Martínez Recio

Director of Photography

Cristina Martínez is a young director of photography. Cristina has built her experience in Spanish production companies, as well working as a freelancer. She arrived in Prague one year ago to continue her training as a director of photography. Now she is working as a cinematographer or in the camera department in cinema, advertisements and documentaries in Prague and around Europe.

Cristina has also been a photographer and journalist in Spain. She speaks Spanish and English. If you ask her how her Czech is going, she will say: dobrý.

Gabriel Spaulding

Director | Editor | Motion Graphics Artist

Gabriel is a Director and Editor based in Milwaukee, WS, USA. Gabriel works hard to deliver top notch video content to our clients regardless of their budget constraints. For us, this isn’t just a business. It’s our passion. We genuinely care about giving you the best possible video. We care about our work and our reputation, and we care about how it contributes to your success.

Video is an essential part of every effective marketing strategy. Over the years we’ve helped clients from numerous industries connect with their customers, employees and business partners. How can we help you tell your story?

Juan David Salazar


Juan David is a Franco-Colombian Director and Producer. Juan David’s projects are characterised by his uniquely dynamic style of storytelling, which he places at the backbone of every project he takes on. His highly-nurtured talent and meticulous attention to detail take full advantage of the fast-moving landscape of film technology.

Joining a new wave of globally-minded independent filmmakers, his work has been recognised in several occasions. He won the 1st Prize at the Action/Cut Film Fest 2013 in Los Angeles. His films were officially selected at the SFC at the Cannes Film Festival, Brest International Film Festival, TISFF and London Independent Film Festival.

Marcelo Bazani

Motion Graphics Designer

Marcelo started working as a video editor in 2009 and between 2011/2012 he delve into simple animations and then in just a matter of time he made animation his main work.

Most of his current work as an animator and director is centred around 2D animation projects, most of which are for TV and internet content.

“I really like to cooperate with new people and to be involve on new projects.”

Tina Senior

Communication Strategist

25+ years of marketing and communications experience gained within a blue chip environment. Prior to collaborating at Cre8ive Beast, Tina was the Director of Internal Communications for Accenture Operations, helping to inform, enable and engage 135,000 employees.

Tina’s passionate about devising creative solutions to meet the goals of our clients by applying strong project management capability, communications expertise and strong people skills.

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