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We work with many companies and individuals on a variety of projects from micro-budget all the way to hollywood size productions.

You can find below some examples of work we've done with our team. We have many more examples that we can send directly to you in case you want

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Short Film

Concept film done for a dance course by Ti Nguyen

LP in Prague


Short teaser for LP's show in Prague, by Juan Salazar

Daniel Landa

Short Film

Short film for Daniel Landa by Juan Salazar

Graphic Design

This is some of the beautiful work Anna Philippova has done

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Anna Philippova

Graphic Designer

I was born and grew up in Russia. I moved to Prague in 2015, but still dream of living inScandinavian country. I graduated from Teesside University (Prague College) in 2017 and earned BA in Graphic Design, and now I am studying at MA Future Design. Over the past 3 years I've managed to pass an internship in Fallon Prague, and have worked as a graphic designer and illustrator at McCann and Bistro agency (Isobar).

There I worked with such clients as Vodafone, Nokian Tires, Mastercard, Coca-Cola, ŠKODA. As a freelancer I’ve created illustrations for ŠKODA, Vishy, IQOS, which were also used for animation. I often find my inspiration in nature, flowers, films. In my illustrations I like to depict characters and plants, and prefer to use warm colors.

Based in Prague, Czech Republic

Felipe Baez

Creative Director | Owner | CEO

Felipe has a background in IT and Video Production and PostProduction. Having worked in many projects alongside Fortune 100 companies. 10+ years in international teams located in multiple cities around the world.

Having worked in Brazil, Czech Republic and Ireland in leadership roles for Accenture and McKinsey & Company. Felipe has a track record of empowering colleagues to take their skills to the next level, providing coaching, training and mentoring.

Felipe has worked with world famous celebrities and executives such as Richard Quest (CNN) and all the Accenture C-suite.

Based in Prague, Czech Republic

Cristina Martínez Recio

Director of Photography

Cristina Martínez is a young director of photography. Cristina has built her experience in Spanish production companies, as well working as a freelancer. She arrived in Prague one year ago to continue her training as a director of photography. Now she is working as a cinematographer or in the camera department in cinema, advertisements and documentaries in Prague and around Europe.

Cristina has also been a photographer and journalist in Spain. She speaks Spanish and English. If you ask her how her Czech is going, she will say: dobrý.

Based in Prague, Czech Republic

Gabriel Spaulding

Director | Editor | Motion Graphics Artist

Gabriel is a Director and Editor based in Milwaukee, WS, USA. Gabriel works hard to deliver top notch video content to our clients regardless of their budget constraints. For us, this isn’t just a business. It’s our passion. We genuinely care about giving you the best possible video. We care about our work and our reputation, and we care about how it contributes to your success.

Video is an essential part of every effective marketing strategy. Over the years we’ve helped clients from numerous industries connect with their customers, employees and business partners. How can we help you tell your story?

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Juan David Salazar

Director | Producer

Juan David is a Franco-Colombian Director and Producer. Juan David’s projects are characterised by his uniquely dynamic style of storytelling, which he places at the backbone of every project he takes on. His highly-nurtured talent and meticulous attention to detail take full advantage of the fast-moving landscape of film technology.

Joining a new wave of globally-minded independent filmmakers, his work has been recognised in several occasions. He won the 1st Prize at the Action/Cut Film Fest 2013 in Los Angeles. His films were officially selected at the SFC at the Cannes Film Festival, Brest International Film Festival, TISFF and London Independent Film Festival.

Based in Prague, Czech Republic

Marcelo Bazani

Motion Graphics Designer

Marcelo started working as a video editor in 2009 and between 2011/2012 he delve into simple animations and then in just a matter of time he made animation his main work.

Most of his current work as an animator and director is centred around 2D animation projects, most of which are for TV and internet content.

"I really like to cooperate with new people and to be involve on new projects."

Based in Prague, Czech Republic

Tina Senior

Communication Strategist

25+ years of marketing and communications experience gained within a blue chip environment. Prior to collaborating at Cre8ive Beast, Tina was the Director of Internal Communications for Accenture Operations, helping to inform, enable and engage 135,000 employees.

Tina’s passionate about devising creative solutions to meet the goals of our clients by applying strong project management capability, communications expertise and strong people skills.

Based in the UK

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