Cre8ive Beast is a young company with a lifetime experience providing services in Audio and Video Production, Postproduction and Live Broadcast specialized in Advertisements, Corporate, Music Videos and in the end of the day, storytelling. We have 10+ years of experience in the industry including working on high value corporate broadcasts.

Live Production

We support live streaming to Vimeo Live, Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Periscope and many others. We'll do the whole pre-production and production of your live event. Contact us for more information.

Video production

If you need to record a video for your company, product demo, events, scripted project, music video, get in touch with us and we'll make your vision come true. Our creativity never ends!


If you already have videos that need to be edited, we can do that for you and we can also deal with very tight deadlines.

Recent Projects

Drug Company develops a miracle drug based on an extraterrestrial substance that can cure any disease. Scientist responsible for the drug steals the drug and in an attempt to save his wife’s life he gives it to his wife, not knowing the possible side effects. The wife starts to get better, but something unexpected happens. Directed by: Felipe Baez Produced by: Anna Daniluková Edited by: Monika Saral Original Music by: Karolina Šustová and Anna Daniluková

This project has been commissioned by a talented group of athletes and the World-Champion Skipping Rope Performer Adrienn Banhegyi. The video was shot during a sunny afternoon in Prague, Czech Republic.