Cre8ive Beast employs some of the best filmmakers to elevate your story to the next level.




Each production is unique. We give our 100% attention to all details in each production we do. We'll work with you to understand exactly what you're looking for and help tell your story. We love telling stories and want to bring this joy to all our clients.

If you're looking to produce an ad, event coverage, corporate video, promotional brand movie, music video, music film, you've come to the right place. We love what we do and you'll love our work.



We offer postproduction services for companies and individuals that might already have media that needs to be put together in a beautiful and comprehensive way, that will capture the audience's attention and awe them.

We offer competitive pricing based on the project. Contact us for more information about our postproduction services.



Music is such an important part of people's lives. Music can comfort us. Transport us. Bring us feelings that are difficult to explain. We're also a team of musicians and we love our fellow musicians. For this reason we offer extremely competitive prices for musicians to have their own music video and also a management service, which will help you find gigs and get known.

Video is an extremely important marketing tool and the musician that has beautiful videos with professional quality (video and audio) will be able to succeed a lot easier than others.

Want to start creating your music videos portfolio? Come to us and you won't regret.

Some of our Corporate work


If you would like to see more examples of our corporate work, send us a message.


Interviews produced and directed by Cre8ive Beast.
Edited by Cre8ive Beast.

Camera and Direction by Cre8ive Beast

Some of our own work


If we are not working on a client project, we are always out and about looking to creating new content. These are a couple of our latest projects.


Short film - Layers (2018)

A woman sees inspiration in simple things and the ordinary motions of life. Direction, cinematography and editing by: Felipe Baez Music by: Triads Choreography and performance by: Ti Nguyen

Short film - 2027 Všelék (2017)
Drug Company develops a miracle drug based on an extraterrestrial substance that can cure any disease. Scientist responsible for the drug steals the drug and in an attempt to save his wife’s life he gives it to his wife, not knowing the possible side effects. The wife starts to get better, but something unexpected happens. Directed by: Felipe Baez Produced by: Anna Daniluková Edited by: Monika Saral Original Music by: Karolina Šustová and Anna Daniluková

Musical Performances and Music Videos


We LOVE music! Hope you enjoy some of our work with fantastic musicians!


Dobre Rano Blues Band (Czech Republic)
Directed, Produced and Edited by Cre8ive Beast

Dobre Rano Blues Band (Czech Republic)
Directed, Produced and Edited by Cre8ive Beast

Dobre Rano Blues band performing at the Leewald Resophinic Guitar workshop. The band has an amazing energy and we were so happy to work with them! Dobre Rano Blues -

Liffey Jazz (Ireland)
Directed, Produced and Edited by Cre8ive Beast

Anna Daniiluková (Czech Republic)
Directed, Produced and Edited by Cre8ive Beast



Check out some of our videos with amazing Athletes, performing in the street and teaching children and people wanting to do exercises!


Jump Plus World
Directed, Produced and Edited by Cre8ive Beast

Jump Plus World
Directed, Produced and Edited by Cre8ive Beast

Jump Plus World
Directed, Produced and Edited by Cre8ive Beast

Adrienn Banhegyi and her group had a very fun and full of energy workshop in Prague, Czech Republic in the end of January 2018. These are the highlights of the workshop.