Cre8ive Beast provides a turnkey service for communication and content strategy. We use cinematic techniques to tell stories, helping businesses expand their reach.

Each business is unique and we do market and trends research in order to offer our clients the best option to distribute their content and communication, video being a key part of the process.


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Livingstone Greentec is a company based in Switzerland. They aim to change the food supply chain and production aiming at reaching 10 out of 17 SDG goals directly and another 6 indirectly.

Cre8ive Beast has been working with Livingstone Greentec to shape their communication and content strategy in order to attract investors and expand their business


Czechitas is a non-profit organization based in the Czech Republic aiming to bring STEM education to girls and children in the Czech Republic.

We're helping Czechitas shape their communication in order to expand their IT Summer Camps throughout the country and bring more STEM education to the Czech youth.

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Light Reading Inc. is a telecommunications industry information company based in New York City. Its activities include publishing, data analysis, market research, and events management.

Cre8ive Beast was hired as their content acquisition provider in Czech Republic during a conference with the main telecommunications companies in the world, being responsible for covering all keynote sessions during 2 days of conference.



Felipe (Owner and CEO) is a rare find: not only has he mastered the technical tools of his trade, he is also a content expert in IT, networking and emerging technologies. His experience at Accenture shone through in the videos he produced for us at our executive summit in Prague. He brought all the right gear and has agile solutions to covering a conference that made our experience working with him seamless. Felipe is professional, communicates clearly, offers competitive rates and works fast. A versatile producer for any business gathering. We look forward to collaborating with him in the future.
— Daniel T. Allen - Head of Video, Light Reading, New York City
I worked directly with Felipe on several projects and I can honestly say he is one of the most skilled people I’ve ever worked with. He has a genuine talent for creativity, execution and a flair for managing projects, people and stakeholders at all levels. Other than great creativity he has an innovative approach to ideas and a brilliant problem-solving attitude. Felipe is a brilliant self-starter, he often created and owned projects from start to finish. I cannot recommend Felipe enough.
— Joe Lesina - CMO, Rainmaking Innovation, Copenhagen
Video content is the new language of the day. Video is the quickest way to tell a story and easiest way to share your imagination.
— Mark Toia

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